In a culture where doing something – anything – is considered better than doing nothing, napping can seem suspect.

So it’s taking a bit of naptivism to re-instate downtime as essential to a successful and sane life.

NapNow is working to rebrand napping as the renewable energy practice whose time has come for the sake of our professional and personal sustainability.

Would you like to help create this culture shift?

It doesn’t have to be hard work.

Here are 8 effort-free ways you can take a horizontal stand for integrating rhythms of renewal into our working day.

    1. Simply … Nap.  Getting horizontal is not only a delightful way to renew your energy.  It’s a great way to throw down a peaceful challenge to models of relentless growth that lead simply lead to exhaustion of vital energy reserves.  Here’s some Nap Know How.
    2. Wear an ‘i Nap – sleeping my way to the top’ Tshirt  to your next social event.  It’s a great conversation starter.
    3. If you are an established napper come out! Record your Nap on our nap registry – others will take courage from your example.  Follow @nap_now and tweet us about your experience.
    4. Share your experience of tiredness, napping or not napping on our Facebook Page.
    5. Challenge conversations that glorify pushing on at all costs, as a way of being.
    6. Advocate for a napping policy in your workplace.
    7. Sign up as a naptivist – if you are interested in participating in synchronised nap ‘n tweets, or culture-jamming public napping, or have your own naptivism ideas,  send NapNow an email stating your interest & location.
    8. Host a public Nap-In in your community.  It’s easy and lots of fun.  Contact us for some ideas and resources that we generated for Australia’s first Nap – In hosted by Transition Bellingen a few years ago.