Vision Mission


Widespread uptake of a refreshing work ethic, based on human biological rhythms and the science of high performance rather than outmoded notions of productivity modelled on machines.

As a result workers (including home-based carers as well as work-based professionals) can renew their natural energy reserves daily, increase their afternoon effectiveness, enjoy relief from information overload and sustain their personal and professional lives into the future without burnout.

NapNow’s Mission is to normalise the mini-siesta in Australian normal-hours workplaces through:

  • showcasing organisations, education and business leaders who currently powernap;
  • providing an evidence-based workplace pro-napping strategy to ‘early adopters’;
  • stimulating more research and public discussion about innovative ways to re-organise the way we work for the sake of personal, business and community wellbeing;
  • building a community of naptivists who are willing to put their bodies on the line to remind us that rest, renewal and downtime are essential to survival as well as a good life.

In the first phase (2015 -2020) NapNow will focus on Australian white-collar professional workers.

Want to get involved?

NapNow is a collaborative, social enterprise that welcomes meaningful collaboration related to promoting personal sustainability at a cultural as well as individual level.

Please contact us if you have some ideas for how we could work together.

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