Why Nap And Why Now?

The power-nap is the quintessential renewable energy practice that we’d be mad not to embrace - for the sake sustainable living and a sustainable future.

And it’s time to do so, now.

As individuals there are clear indicators that too many of us, energetically speaking are in the red: tired, stressed and over-scheduled with primary school children through to adults suffering as a result.

Did you know? A third of Australian full-time workers and almost one in two full-time working mums say they consistently feel extremely tired or completely exhausted all of the time. (AWLI 2010, Uni of SA Centre for work + life)
As a culture we are in the midst of a compelling search for sustainable ways of living on this planet.

Personal sustainability – learning how to manage our own energy reserves - is critical to environmental, business and community resilience. However this link is not well acknowledged.

Born of the siesta culture and supported by sound scientific research, the power-nap is tailor made for our energy-challenged, time-poor, work-weary world where we crave a quick fix. Research shows it can take as little as ten minutes to increase alertness, improve mood and concentration and even reduce workplace accidents and errors. All with no effort - it doesn’t get easier than that.

The science is in and our bodies are primed – ie many of us are tired and stressed - but social uptake is slow. In non-siesta cultures like ours, napping is associated with slacking, despite the fact it has the opposite effect.

NapNow is here to provide the education, strategy and culture shift required for people to feel permission to Stop, Unplug, and Recharge as part of a normal day's work.

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