Workplace Fatigue Managment

Ensuring that workers have sufficient time to rest and renew, between shifts as well as on the job, is an important element of any workplace fatigue management strategy.

NapNow specialises in white-collar fatigue, and preventing the mental as well as physical fatigue that results from living and working in our 24/7 digital age.

NapNow can offer critical knowledge, attitude and practice to your workplace fatigue management approach. Get in touch for more information.


Staff Education Seminars:

  • Sleep Matters
  • Beat White-collar Fatigue.
  • How to Get More Out of Your Day By Working In Tune With Your Body Clock
  • Personal Sustainability for Leaders and Teams
  • TLIF 2010 A: nationally accredited unit: Apply fatigue management strategies


Deeply entrenched cultural attitudes typically regard the need for rest, as a sign of weakness.

NapNow offers facilitated workplace sessions to unearth the spoken and unspoken norms that govern your workplace and work style, and then co-creates with your team, preferred norms that support sustainable high performance.

The end result is a team culture that supports strategic renewable energy breaks on the job, that promote both health and productivity.


Practically, how can you incorporate regular ‘renewable energy breaks’, including napping, into your workplace culture? We can help you with the When, Where, and How.

Action Research:

If you’d like to participate in action research related to identifying key barriers and enablers to workplace napping, we’d love to hear from organisations big or small.

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