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Founder, Thea O’Connor

Naptivist Thea O’Connor, (B Sc, BND), is a wellbeing and productivity advisor, writer, speaker and coach. She has over 25 years experience in the health sector ranging from her background as a dietitian through to her current role as a senior advisor on workplace wellbeing. She’s always loved her work, because she does what she loves: challenging and reshaping the socio-cultural norms that make us sick.

Since discovering napping over ten years ago while running her workplace health consultancy in Melbourne, Thea has never had to struggle through the afternoon slump again.

Thea acknowledges somatic therapist Gary Norfolk for introducing her to napping about a decade ago and Dr Julie Henderson, Gary’s teacher. Henderson defines napping as an essential wellbeing exercise. The book “The Art of napping at work” by William and Camille Anthony has also been a source of great inspiration.

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Scientific Advisor, Professor Drew Dawson

Professor Drew Dawson, Appleton Institute, Central Queensland University.

[Scientific Advisors help to ensure the accuracy of science-related findings published on this site but are not responsible for the content of this site, or the activities of NapNow.]


Graphic Design, Simona Lucut

Simona Lucut is a professional graphic artist and design consultant, and mother of two young children. She enjoys helping her clients express themselves, or the essence of their business through print, web or other visual media. As a Romanian, Simona grew up with the rhythm of napping, and continues to nap, or take a lying-down break, whenever she can. After working for several companies as a graphic designer she now runs her own creative studio Anomis Design.

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Friends of NapNow :

Friends support the mission of NapNow

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