Bellingen, NSW.

The Bellingen community was invited to come reasons why money can t buy happiness, lie down and be counted, to help make the mini-siesta a normal and valued part of our day.


So..on Tuesday June 28th, 2011 a group write your essay online of keen nappers assembled at 12.45 pm  on the Corner of Hyde and Church Street with  pillows and napping aids (eg blanket) underarm.  

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We then proceeded to our local nap site – the Bellingen library, for a warm winter nap.











We had a 15 minute nap and some people actually got some real sleep!








A Nap Guardian was present to help ensure nappers were undisturbed and comfortable.







Absentee nappers made their presence felt with “wish i was here” cardboard cut outs










At the end of the Nap-In nappers were issued their Nap Permit which stated: “This permit entitles you to ulimited lifetime napping”


Refreshed we had a post-nap chat exploring ways to embed napping into our lives and into our community.








We followed up with a napping tent at the Renewable Energy Fair in Sept. to remind us that personal sustainability matters too.