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Renew your energy naturally, for free, in the time it takes for a coffee break


Enjoy a pro-napping workplace culture and watch your afternoon efficiency soar


Help create a culture-shift so that power napping, is valued and encouraged

Thea O'Connor, Workplace Coach & Power Nap Expert

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Why Power Napping Makes Sense

  • Start the afternoon’s work afresh, instead of dragging your brain through a cloud of tiredness.
  • Arrive home at the end of the day topped up, instead of having nothing left to give.
  • Having a bad night’s sleep but feeling OK about facing the days work because you know relief is near at hand.

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Implementing Power Napping in the workplace

Napping at work not only increases productivity but boosts staff morale, alertness and engagement.

Check out the facts and use our tools to help you develop a nap-friendly workplace.

What do people like Ita Butrose and Dr Norman Swan say about Napping?

Sleep is a good anti-ageing strategy. You can see tiredness in people's faces. You look better when well rested!

Ita Buttrose AO OBE

I nap in order to survive. I have trained myself to nap in crowded situations – the noisier the better

Dr Norman Swan, ABC Radio & TV

Taking care of my body and mind greatly assists me in this and napping has long been part of my self-care

Greg Kelly, Paediatrician, Brisbane

I am still getting comfortable coming out as a napper, but definitely encourage other people with insomnia to give it a go

Betsy Faen, Counsellor, Sydney

Ever since I learned about the science of sleep in an undergraduate course at Cornell University, strategic, energy enhancing napping has been part of my routine

Todd Kashdan, Associate Professor of Psychology, George Mason University

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