Just Imagine this:

Starting the afternoon’s work afresh, instead of dragging your brain through a cloud of tiredness.

Arriving home at the end of the day topped up, instead of having nothing left to give.

Having a bad night’s sleep but feeling OK about facing the days work because you know relief is near at hand.

This doesn’t have to remain a fantasy.

For some it’s not, in fact employees at organisations such as Google, KPMG and iSelect Insurance are encouraged to use their sleeping pod when weariness strikes.

Sydney social entrepreneurs lap up the creative thinking benefits of lying down during their study block last year at School for Social Entrepreneurs. JPG

“I felt really tired before hand, then felt fantastic afterwards – much more alert.”

“It restored my focus and got rid of a fuzzy brain.”

“It left me refreshed and less stressed.”

“Finishing the day with fresh eyes … it adds up when you get home.”

Testimonials provided by Interrelate, Coffs Harbour, NSW

We're here to help you

If you want to experience the refreshing benefits of napping in your own workplace, then get in touch and we can talk about:

  • What types of workplaces are best suited to napping and if your organisation is suitable.
  • How NapNow can assist you in developing a workplace pro-napping strategy that encourages uptake in a safe, effective and legal manner. Depending on your workplace culture, it’s rarely enough to simply educate staff about the benefits.
  • How the power nap can be incorporated into your workplace fatigue management approach.

Why Napping Works

Genetically programmed into our biological rhythms is a slump in alertness mid afternoon. Even if well-slept we experience this dip, but it’s even more marked when sleep deprived. Precisely at the time we experience this dip in alertness, we see an increase in workplace accidents and errors.

If workers use this time to recharge instead, they can avoid workplace fatigue and instead experience:

  • Better Health: less stress, reduced blood pressure, reduce eye strain
  • Enhanced Performance: Increased alertness, memory & concentration and reduced errors
  • Improved Safety: fewer workplace accidents and errors.

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