Trevor Satour, Central Coast, NSW.

For a number of years now I have been aware of the recuperative and restorative powers of power naps.

I have learnt how to nap in the busiest of places, like airport departure lounges, and on public transport and the like. I can nap sitting up or lying down as I often do in my office. Mid-afternoon is my best time to nap in the office. I’ve been caught out a few times when someone’s come through the door, but it’s like water off a duck’s back these days.

The fact is there is nothing like a 20-30 minute power nap to keep you focussed and sharp during the day. I find it indispensable, and once you train yourself to it and realise the benefits, you’ll never go back. As an Indigenous Australian I like to think too, that our ancestors were originals when it came to power naps. Roaming about the land in traditional hunter-gatherer mode I’m sure they were pretty strategic in conserving their energy when having to spend extended time waiting for prey, and to prepare themselves for moments when they had to expend energy in rapid bursts.

Put in RHS Column Arrernte-Gurindji man Trevor Satour was born in Alice Springs. Today he operates 2 businesses from his base on the NSW Central Coast and is a Board member of the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce. His businesses are both accredited Supply Nation suppliers for government and corporate procurement purposes.