Nick Terrone, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and NLP Practitioner

“Being of Italian decent the afternoon nap has always been as sacred to me as Sunday morning church for my mother. Obviously this wasn’t easy to do as an employee. But for the last 5 years I have been my own boss running my own business in therapy, speaking, writing and coaching. This has enabled me to sleep whenever and wherever I like! I feel so blessed.
Being a Hypnotherapist and understanding the power of the subconscious mind, I’m always looking to use it in any way I can, including when I nap or sleep. You see, one of the times during the day that you have direct access to your subconscious mind is just before you fall asleep and just when you awaken. It’s that half awake, half asleep state. Some people have a misconception that ‘they can’t be hypnotised’, but unless you have an intellectual disability or severe ADHD or Autism you CAN experience a hypnotic trance. The funny thing is that you experience this all the time during the day, you just don’t use the words ‘hypnotic trance’, you say other things like; ‘in the zone, zoned out, million miles away, day dreaming, off with the fairies’ etc.

These two moments before and after sleep are naturally occurring trance states, others include driving a car, watching TV or reading a book to name a few. Why am I mentioning all this about napping?

Because it is my naps (and sleep time) that I use to ‘work on’ anything it is that I want more clarity and confidence in. The way I do this is I simply use my self improvement affirmations and manifestation visualisations during this brief moment before I fall asleep and just when I awaken.
I keep it simple and to the point because this is the best way to speak to your subconscious. Then during my wakeful state I am always on the look out for the synchronistic people, places, events and opportunities that reveal themselves to help me fulfil my desires. Try it and see what happens peeps IT WORKS!!

Thank God for my naps :)”