Matthew Sincock, Accupuncturist, NSW

Nap Challenge Participant: 

As an acupuncturist I know that Napping replenishes Yin in the body.
Our very Yang lifestyles tend to burn up a lot of the cooling Yin, so I see napping as a great way to keep the body and mind in balance throughout the day.

On the days that I do nap, I notice I feel better, I function better, and my treatments even work better on my patients.

My favourite nap nook is a room I set up at work to curl up when I have a break.

Often I will insert one or two acupuncture needles to further enhance the effect of my nap. Sometimes I also play a guided meditation (by Cindy Brasen) for my subconscious to listen to while I nap.

I wake feeling refreshed and ready to embrace whatever challenges day the holds.