Greg Kelly, Paediatrician, Brisbane

I am a paediatric intensive care specialist, artist and yoga teacher. I’m very interested in maximising the quality of my life and the lives of others in the broadest possible sense.

Not only do I work long and unpredictable hours including nights and weekends but I am required to process lots of information, engage in very emotional situations and lead teams. Taking care of my body and mind greatly assists me in this and napping has long been part of my self care.

I sleep for periods between 20 minutes and an hour in a few situations: – when I have been awake for 12 hours or longer – to emotionally reset – to lock information away when I have been studying – if I am sleepy in the afternoon.

I still don’t find it widely accepted but that might be changing slowly! Interestingly there is a comprehensive Queensland Health policy that discusses naps in some detail, link below.