Dr Sarah McKay, Director of the Neuroscience Academy

“I resisted urge to nap for many years. It was only when I started working for myself 10 years ago I realised that it could be a possibility.

I get up at about five am so by 1 or 2.30 pm and I can feel the urge to nap. If I don’t have an urgent deadline, I’ll lie on my couch or bed and set the alarm for 23 minutes – any longer and I find it hard to wake.

I do this at least three days a week.”

How do you feel before and after a nap?

“BEFORE: sleepy, can’t concentrate, can’t think about anything except sleep – there’s an internal battle going on.

AFTER: smooth, together and alert. It’s like having a second morning.

It’s a great circuit breaker,  especially if I’m feeling overwhelmed.

When I was writing a book last year, I could write for 4 or 5 hours but then couldn’t get back to it in the afternoon. However taking a nap would give me another hour in the afternoon.

There are no downsides to napping and it feels so good, why wouldn’t you do it?”

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