Celeste, Celeste DeMatteis Jewellery, Melbourne

I have been napping at work for 7 years now I think, not every day but often. When I was an apprentice I used to go into the room where the safe was kept and lie down on the floor and my boss would come and wake me up (I had a great boss) because he could see how much more productive the rest of the day would be for us when I did that.

Now I work for myself as a jeweller and when I feel like I’m getting slow and my brain is not able to focus on my work, I take a blanket out and put it on the floor, set my alarm for 18 minutes (3 minutes to unwind and 15 minutes of napping time) which works because if I really am tired I can fall asleep very fast. When I wake up I am so refreshed and I feel like it’s the morning again and I get sooo much more work done!

Everyone laughs at me and my naps and when I see other people from nearby offices and workshops they ask if I’ve had my nap for today, but if they just tried it and stopped laughing they would know I am a genius!