3 ways to up-sell the nap to your boss

When NapNow receives enquiries about a Nap@Work strategy, it typically comes from someone within the workplace who already knows that power naps are powerful performance-enhancers.   They are internal champions, who face the challenging task of up-selling the nap to their senior executive team, that may not be so receptive.

So what can you do if would like to introduce the idea of power-naps to your manager or boss?  Here are 3 suggestions.

1. Provide social proof: Who else is doing it? Power-napping at work, although much talked about, is still a relatively uncommon workplace practice, at least in Australia.  Point to high performing workplaces that are pro-napping, such as Google,  iSelect insurance, Kavanagh Industries, Business Chicks or Huffington Post. Visit the Power Nap Register and look for personal accounts that might be relevant to your workplace. Providing links to articles in reputable publications, like the Harvard Business Review, can help elevate the status of the practice.

2. Provide scientific proof: there is a lot of evidence that just 10 minutes of sleep in the afternoon is enough to make a measurable difference to alertness, mood and concentration as well as workplace errors and accidents. Read NapFacts: What’s the evidence  for a brief summary of the evidence, and share it with your colleagues.

3. Solve concerns about Time, Money and Space. Let’s start with Space, as ‘where would we nap?’ is often the first question that arises.

  • Space: Yes, you will need a small private space of some description. This could be as simple as a meeting room, with a Do Not Disturb Sign, or a couch behind a screen.  If you really can’t find any space, you can purchase a sleeping pod.  Some brands are now quite economical.
  • Money:  The only money required will be a one-off investment to create a space. The bill for this could be anything from $0, to about $100 if you need to buy a screen and pillow, to several thousand if you want to buy a pod.
  • Time:  You only need 10 minutes of sleep to experience a 3 hour boost in energy.  To achieve 10 minutes of sleep, most people will need to lie down for about 20 minutes. In most cases, employees will be able to nap in their existing lunch time, or in the break time they are already entitled to.  Even if workers only lie down for 10 minutes, they still experience great benefit, NapNow’s demonstration pilots have found.
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