Nap Chat

What are nap chats?

Nap chats are pithy interviews with people who have expertise in napping, including scientists, thought leaders, health & business professionals.  We delve into all aspects of napping, from health and productivity benefits through to the downsides or challenges related to integrating power naps into our lives.

Nap Chat in conversation with Professor Drew Dawson

Here I chat with Professor Drew Dawson and get the latest on estimating how long sleep inertia will take to pass.

Nap Chat in conversation with Professor Sarah Blunden, CQU

Professor Sarah Blunden explains how the powernap can offer teenagers a healthy pick me-up.

Nap Chat in conversation with Dr Moira Junge, Board Member Australian Sleep Foundation

Should you nap if you have insomnia? The standard advice has been 'no.' Here Dr Moira Junge offers another perspective.

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