go to site I have long been a massive fan of a quick after-lunch power nap at work when my eyes are struggling to stay open, much to the amusement of colleagues and office mates.

Custom University Admission Essay Virginia I usually use my dive wetsuit as a pillow (very comfy) and crawl under my desk (quieter, darker) for about 20 minutes. I don’t need to set an alarm, my body just seems to know when to wake up and then I can power on through a more productive afternoon.

However, I must warn of a potential pitfall of this delicious habit, because it is quite surprising how many people come to your desk when you are apparently absent, even to the extent of stopping and using the telephone.

watch This has led to the occasional embarrassing moment, but by far the worst occurred when I was completing a study abroad period at Woods Hole in America.

http://www.solradiant.com/es/?master-thesis-university-of-london I was under my desk having a quick power nap, when I was woken by voices. It seems my supervisor had brought a job candidate into my office to introduce us. Finding me absent, they proceeded to continue their interview with me now fully conscious under the desk trying not to listen in and wondering if it was better or worse to interrupt what was turning into quite a personal discussion.

It was when they started to discuss potential salaries that I could no longer in good conscience stay hidden, so with a casual “Hellooooo” I crawled out from under my desk. To my Supervisor’s credit he barely batted an eyelid and just said, “Ah here she is” as if I had just walked in the door. After a quick introduction I left very red faced to allow them to conclude their interview. I think they just dismissed my behavior as the strange antics of a crazy Aussie.

I remain a committed napper, and while my colleagues give me flack for it, it’s me that has a smile on my face at the end of the day.


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