Phd Research Proposal Timeline Where would I nap at work?
You will need some type of private or semi-private space.  But remember, not all staff will want to  power nap and those who do won’t necessarily be napping at the same time.  So in many cases a meeting or chill out room can be allocated for power naps.  There’s also a range of portable nap-spaces that can be purchased to solve a space problem.  Then there’s the car that could be used during lunch time, or the park on a sunny day.  


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source link What if I can’t nap?

Research confirms that some people report being unable to nap.  Mindfulness meditation techniques can help calm the body-mind and so increase the chances of drifting off.  If sleep doesn’t occur, people still get to enjoy the benefits of a lying down meditation.


follow site Isn’t it workers’ responsibility to get enough sleep? 

Certainly.  Employees are responsible for arriving ‘fit for work’.  But there are many normal human life events that mean there will always be some workers who would benefit from a power nap, such as working parents who have been up during the night attending to children, or those recovering from international travel. And we all go through life stages where life worries can keep us awake at night. About a third of the population report trouble sleeping during the last week, and about 10 per cent have a sleeping disorder such as insomnia or sleep apnoea.

Also, even if workers are getting enough sleep, people still experience the afternoon slump, just not as markedly as when sleep deprived.


follow link How can I convince my boss?

We don’t know if your boss is convinc-able, but you can always point him or her towards examples of nap-friendly workplaces (see Napper Profile) and NapNow can present a good business case for it.  Bosses who are more interested in results and output than face time, and who trust their workers to get the job done, are more likely  to be nap-friendly.