follow “I’ve always been hooked on productivity, and searching for things that will really make a difference.  There’s a lot of ‘kids stuff’ out there like time management, but napping really works.

here I first saw the effects in my father, a produce merchant, whose job involved hard physical labour.  He would lie on the floor after lunch, and arise energised, even though he would never go into a deep sleep.

follow site I started napping in my students days when trying to find ways to be more productive.

see Then I used powernaps to help me transition from work to study.  For example in one job, I was learning Indonesian, and once a week I would have a 2-hour ‘immersion’ lesson.   I would have a nap at work first (I just closed the office door, and did it) and it worked a treat. Otherwise it felt impossible to go from normal work, then all of sudden speaking only Indonesian.

Business Dissertations When competing in professional athletics I would also take a nap before an event.

follow Early afternoon is now my favourite time to nap – it’s a useful energiser, after my 5 am rise.  I sit down in a comfortable chair, nap for ten to 15 minutes, then wake naturally.   It’s such a handy tool to be able to switch off at will. It’s something so few people can do.”

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