Blake Cutler, 16 yrs, NSW

Every Wednesday afternoon 16 year old Blake Cutler and his friends make sure they are on time for their community gardening session at the Bellingen High School, NSW. Why? Because they start the session with a nap and they don’t want to miss it! I have heaps of stuff to do at school with lots…

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Nick Terrone, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and NLP Practitioner

“Being of Italian decent the afternoon nap has always been as sacred to me as Sunday morning church for my mother. Obviously this wasn’t easy to do as an employee. But for the last 5 years I have been my own boss running my own business in therapy, speaking, writing and coaching. This has enabled…

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Anna-Louise Bouvier, Physiotherapist

“I come from a long line of nappers, having grown up in an Italian family. My Nonni (grandmother and grandfather) would have lunch and then nap in comfortable lounge chairs. Personally I like a bed. If I could I would nap every day from about 30 minutes around 2pm. I find it refreshes and recharges…

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Nigel Hobbs, Chief Wellness Officer, Welnis Labs

The CEO who is happy to have his staff sleeping on the job. Nigel Hobbs, Chief Wellness Officer of Welnis Labs, tells NapNow why he installed a nap pod for his staff in his Sydney Offices. What’s your personal experience of napping? I first discovered napping about five years ago when I read about the trend…

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Matthew Sincock, Accupuncturist, NSW

Nap Challenge Participant: 

As an acupuncturist I know that Napping replenishes Yin in the body. Our very Yang lifestyles tend to burn up a lot of the cooling Yin, so I see napping as a great way to keep the body and mind in balance throughout the day. On the days that I do nap,…

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Todd Kashdan, Associate Professor of Psychology, George Mason University

“Ever since I learned about the science of sleep in an undergraduate course at Cornell University, strategic, energy enhancing napping has been part of my routine. 

At work, you will find a dark office with one floor lamp, a yoga mat, and small synthetic, down filled pillow. My students and colleagues know that I lay…

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Nick Wallberg

Nick Wallberg, Program Officer at the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) in Melbourne, was first introduced to napping last year, through NapNow’s workplace nap challenge. Nick set himself the goal of taking a nap once or twice a week. Despite it being the busiest period of the year Nick overcame the all too powerful, ‘too…

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Dr Rosalind Vaughan, Sydney

I work in a remote Aboriginal Community as a doctor and I heard your Health Report napping feature listening to my iPod. I had always found day time napping helpful to freshen up my mind but I only napped if I was really tired & I must confess I felt a little guilty. 

After I…

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Monica Rosenfeld – Sydney NSW

Productivity is about people feeling good and if my staff need to take a nap to feel good, that’s fine with me. I trust my staff, so I am not concerned that they all abuse their nap-time. -Managing Director, Wordstorm PR

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Kellie Mills – Newcastle NSW

When I need to conduct night training after a full days work night, I go into the board room around 5 pm and tell my staff that I’m not taking any calls. Before I nap I feel as though I can’t be bothered. Afterwards I am refreshed and ready to go -Customerologist and Business Manager

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