Nigel Hobbs, CEO Welnis Labs, Sydney

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Nigel is a CEO who sleeps on the job and encourages his staff to do so as well. NapNow explores the basis of his personal and professional pro-napping attitude. NapNow: What’s your personal experience of napping? Nigel: I first discovered the power nap about five years ago when I read about the trend starting with tech companies in

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Daniel Turissini, Washington DC

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NapNow speaks to nap-entrepreneur  Daniel Turissini, from his Washington DC office, about the role of napping in his life, and his business napnook. NapNow: What led you to become a napper?  Daniel: My rediscovery of naps came at a steep price: my health. Much of my early educational and corporate success came as a result

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Trevor Satour, Central Coast, NSW.

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"For a number of years now I have been aware of the recuperative and restorative powers of power naps. I have learnt how to nap in the busiest of places, like airport departure lounges, and on public transport and the like. I can nap sitting up or lying down as I often do in my

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