Yawning Gulf, Radio National

This feature  by Thea O’Connor and Ray Moynihan from Northern New South Wales, tells us that there’s a huge gap between the scientific proof that napping is beneficial and social uptake.  Listen here. 

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Bellingen workplace nap challenge

Workers put their bodies on the line for Nap Challenge Earlier this month, in the small town of Bellingen, NSW, ten workers – each from different workplaces –  took on the novel challenge of taking two powernaps a week during their working day, for three weeks in a row. Far from being the lazy man’s…

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Nap Zone at the Happiness Conference

Delegates encouraged to take a powernap inConference Nap Zzzone June 2014 At next week’s Happiness Conference in Melbourne, the 1,500 or so conference delegates will be encouraged not only to soak up the wisdom of high profile presenters such as the Dalai Lama, but also to ‘switch off’ by taking a powernap at the Conference…

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