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A Horizontal Break can Change Your State

Is there any health benefit in simply lying-down? No meditation, no napping, no active stretching, just lying there for a bit? As it turns out, adopting a horizontal pose can indeed deliver significant psychological and physiological benefits, especially for sedentary, computer-based workers. NapNow Founder Thea O'Connor offers 5 good reasons to change your posture from

Sleep-Cycle Apps

Whenever I address the importance of sleep in one of my seminars on Personal Sustainability for Leaders and Teams, I ask if anyone in the audience has used a sleep-cycle app such as Sleep Cycle or Sleep Bot. There is always a handful of people who have, and their experience ranges from ‘so-so’ to ‘great

Use ‘Graded Assertiveness’ to ask for a break

How can workers learn to speak up about the importance of taking breaks to mitigate tiredness?  Graded Assertiveness offers one approach.  NapNow asks health services improvement coach Jane Stanfield,  how we can apply it in the office.   Imagine you’ve been working on an important project with your manager or boss for about three hours

Breaking Up Your Day is Key to Success

Whether aiming to excel at work or simply survive, breaks are essential, writes NapNow Founder Thea O'Connor Brahams, Napolean and Churchill had one thing in common – they all had a habit of napping. These famous high achievers demonstrated that the secret to success isn’t just about whether you can go long and hard, but

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